“I was very happy with the professional interior paint job done in my house. The whole house was covered properly so that there were no spills or messes on my furniture or carpets. Painting lines at wall borders, trims, etc. were very clean, and you could tell there was extra care put into those areas. Work was completed in a timely manner, and in fact I was working under a very tight deadline, but that proved to be no issue to get the work done in time for me to meet my deadline, which was a giant relief for me.
In terms of the special painting that I had completed on the house, I couldn’t have been more impressed with the artistic ability of the painter. I had my column finished to look like marble, and I was amazed at how well it turned out, and how you could not even tell it wasn’t truly marble. I absolutely loved how the gold foiling around my fireplace came out, it looked absolutely beautiful!! The craftsmanship of the painter was evident in the details and overall look. I am already thinking of what I can have him do next.
It was a pleasure to work with such a professional painting crew, and I couldn’t have been any happier with the work that was completed. I would highly recommend this company for all of your painting needs.”

Ms. Standard



“Very impressive work! Timeline on the project was great. Keep up the good work Metro-Pro’s!!”

Marone Fam.


“The entire experience with Luis and his six associates was most satisfying. They are professional at every turn and work above and beyond expectations. No need to look anywhere else for a local painting group. They are simply the best!”
Don. Whittaker



“On the surface, it may seem that hiring painters is an easy decision. In truth, there are a wide range of options out there and most consumers will gravitate towards the cheapest options.

The real question you have to ask is… detailed oriented are you and how crisp does the paint job have to be? The cheaper options emphasize speed over quality. You will run into many issues such as paint bleed on the edges, lousy/spotty coating (b/c some painters will only coat once), and poor covering of your carpet and furniture prior to the paint job.

For the current paint job, I wasn’t willing to sacrifice quality. I was incredibly annoyed at the paint job in my master bedroom (looked like a monkey or an elephant painted the walls) and I absolutely wanted quality work done.

The first time Luis, the owner, came to do a price estimate, he wore shoe slip covers so that his shoes would not make my floor dirty As the saying goes, the small things that you notice tell you everything you need to know about an individual. In cases such as painters where you are evaluating how meticulous they are, it is even more important.

Needless to say, Luis’s employee did a phenomenal paint job and I was incredibly impressed by his workmanship. While I bought top grade paint from Sherwin Williams that did not require separate priming, Luis’s employee did a separate priming of the walls followed by 2 coats. The walls looked beautiful and it was superb quality work. I checked all edges, walls, and everything was crisp.

While you may not be getting the cheapest deal with Luis, the small premium that you pay over low cost painters more makes up for the peace of mind, professionalism, and quality of work that his business provides. If you decide to hire someone for your painting needs, I strongly suggest you reach out to Luis and FDC-Metro painting!”

Mr. Jason C



FDC painters/Artist are not just only talented but generous and real.Anyone whos has worked or spoke with this crew of painters-artist, knows this.If you want a master / artist /guides/teachers/to help you guide your Painting career to the next level, Metro is the experts you need.



I had the privilidge of working with FDC on a high-end custom home in miami FL. and all I can say is the I wish there were more Master Faux finishers like this guys in the industry. Best woodgrainning job ive ever seen, 37 doors…Loved it!



Team have completed one project and are already working on another for me. Excellent communication throughout the job. I am quite picky and they were able and willing to put up with my requests. Nice work and nice working with them.

Ellen B. 


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